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Where is the Model/Serial tag on my LHD?

Wheeled Buggies – On the back side of the machine just above the standing platform, centered on rear frame.  Tracked Buggies – On the back lower left side of the machine, just inside of the gas tank on rear frame.

Why other equipment won’t cut it?

While there are many other buggy options out there that work, LHD’s buggies offer many advantages that not only improve productivity but also lowers downtime.  Please visit each machine or contact us for further information.

How should I clean my equipment?

Power washing is the easiest way to clean your buggy. Please be careful, as some components can be damaged during power washing.

Please follow these guidelines: Bearings and bushings should not be sprayed directly with water. If they are accidentally sprayed, make sure they are greased or re-lubricated to prevent seizing or premature failure. Engines: While engines for the most part are sealed, there are certain components that should not be sprayed directly with a power washer. Keep water away from the air cleaner, muffler, recoil start, fuel tank cap area and electrical components. Never wash an engine when hot, the sudden temperature change could be damaging to the engine block, exhaust and electrical components.